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TTWD-DA: Discriminant analysis interface for trilinear three-way data
£ Free Online Licence Copyright ©

An open source graphical user interface (GUI) developed in MATLAB environment for application of discriminant analysis models (linear discriminant analysis [LDA], quadratic discriminant analysis [QDA], partial least squares discriminant analysis [PLS-DA]) using parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) and Tucker3 method as multivariate deconvolution techniques for constructing predicate discriminant analysis models for trilinear three-way data.

Uses of aptamers, ligand-binding fragments of aptamers, and oligonucleotides in the prevention and/or treatments of cancers, and diagnosis of cancers
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan's patented research is utilising aptamers, ligand-binding fragments of aptamers, and oligonucleotides for use as agents in the prevention and/or treatments of cancers, and diagnosis of cancers. These agents and methods are particularly useful in brain cancers such as gliomas.

Quick release rescue harness for use by emergency services and in water sports activities
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan's patented research has developed and patented a quick release rescue harness that allows rescuers to enter the water safely, complete the rescue and be recovered to shore.

The use of treated clay compounds to remove toxins from water
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan research has developed a method of water treatment to remove water soluble organic pollutants, in particular phenols from water prior to the water being used. Our research has produced a material that may be used to remove the organic pollutants. The material is significantly lower in cost to produce than other known methods.

Biomarkers for the detection of brain cancer
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan Research has developed methods of predicting a clinical outcome in a patient with brain cancer. The methods include the detection of brain cancers, the prediction of the clinical outcome, monitoring the progression of the brain cancer in a patient and methods of grading a patient’s brain cancer.

Forensic DNA test to differentiate between close paternal relatives
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan research is developing Rapidly Mutating Y Chromosome Short tandem repeats (RM Y-STRs) that can differentiate between closely related males. A 13 locus multiplex RM Y-STR PCR kit was developed to simultaneously amplify them, in a robust and sensitive manner down to 0.0625ng template DNA.

The test allows full RM Y-STR profile detection out of male/female mixtures, giving reliable results.

Print your own medicine: 3D printing of oral tablets for personalised medicine
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan research has produced a solid dosage form printing apparatus for printing solid dosage forms including an active ingredient. The active ingredient may be pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or a food supplement.

New high performance finger print powders
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan patented research is developing new high performance fingerprint powders. These new powders have been developed from the surface modification of silica nano particles.

Natural enteric coatings
£ Negotiable Patent

UCLan research has developed an improved enteric coating for solid dosage forms, an enteric coating and a method for preparing an enteric coating which provides improved functionality. For example to allow the active ingredients to get to the small intestine prior to being absorbed into the body, and in process satisfy all the requirement of an enteric coating.

3D-Printed solid dosage forms
£ Negotiable Patent

3D Printed personalised medicine with channel technology

Assessing the permeability of drug candidates through the Blood Brain Barrier
£ Negotiable Patent

Many drugs that are potential candidates for the treatment of diseases need to reach the brain where they will interact to have the required efficancy.

Within the brain there is a permeable membrane known as the blood brain barrier, which drugs must cross to be able to reach the areas needed to have an effect.

UCLan research has developed a method of in vitro testing of compounds to assess whether they are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and hence, be able to have efficacy in the brain.

A Cannula with improved stability
£ Negotiable Patent

Cannulas are often used to insert a thin tube into a patient's vein to provide venous access for blood sampling and administering fluids, medications and the like.

UCLan research has developed a new, improved Cannula which provides greater comfort for the patient whilst also providing all the necessary functions of a standard cannula.

Tourniquet device
£ Negotiable Patent

Tourniquets provide a constricting or compressive force or pressure and are used to control venous and arterial circulation to an extremity for a period of time. In particular, pressure is applied to the extremity by the tourniquet and this pressure reduces the level of bleeding from the extremity.


UCLan research has developed an improved tourniquet device that can be used to provide optimised pressure to an afflicted part of the body, to ensure that the tourniquet performs at an optimum level.

Retaining device for cabling
£ Negotiable Patent

Cable management and management of flexible lines or tubing is an everyday need in a wide variety of industries including IT, clinical and construction, as well as in domestic use. If cables or flexible lines are left unmanaged such that they are strewn across a floor within a house or a hospital, they may constitute a safety hazard.

UCLan research have produced an apparatus for retaining flexible lines, which allows for the management of cabling in a safe manor.

Converting Oils into free flowing powders
£ Negotiable Patent

Many pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food supplements, cosmetics, agricultural products and pesticides, constitute of liquid oils and their components or oily bioactives including marine and essential oils. In their liquid form these oils provide handling and transportation problems and some of them are unpleasant in taste and odour leading to unpalatability and poor consumer/patient acceptability. There is therefore a need for a simple and rugged technology for converting these oils into a more manageable form, like a solid powder form, which will improve the ease of handling, mask the taste, provide improved palatability and improve their stability.

UCLan research has developed a method of converting oils into powders in a quick process which can allow for the manufacture of these powders easily and safely on an industrial scale. The powders are non-toxic, easier to handle and suitable for consumption by humans and animals alike.

Disposable dilator for children and adults
£ Negotiable Registered Design

UCLan's research is developing solutions for the medical equipment market and in particular a dilator product for use in a clinical and home setting.

£ Negotiable Copyright ©

Remerge is software developed for and by expert facilitators to increase engagement with small and large groups and to capture workshop output fast and digitally.

Fidget Widget
Registered Design

The Fidget Widget Tool Kit helps to keep hands busy and relaxed. It is a new project from Active Minds, The Alzheimer's Society and UCLan.

£ Negotiable Copyright ©

The iCardio unit is an extremely lightweight chest belt ECG heart monitor, which connects wirelessly to a smart phone to provide advanced heart and respiratory rate monitoring and diagnosis.

The Transparency of Assessment in Practice Education (TAPE) Model
£ Free Online Licence Copyright ©

A tool to make the multifaceted activity of assessment explicit and unambiguous for both the assessed and the assessor. The TAPE Model is designed to offer clarity to assessment relationships in order that all parties understand the six domains of assessment; why, when, who, what, where, and way. The visual tool structures dialogue between the assessor and the subject of assessment to work towards ethical practice in assessment.