Quick release rescue harness for use by emergency services and in water sports activities

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UCLan's patented research has developed and patented a quick release rescue harness that allows rescuers to enter the water safely, complete the rescue and be recovered to shore.

The findings of the study that led to the harnesses developed have been adopted by International agencies and are demonstrating greater improvements to rescuer safety.


The present invention provide an integral harness comprising securing means for securing said harness about the person of a user; a safety belt releasable attached to said harness via a release mechanism; wherein said safety belt comprises one or more tensioning elements. The belt includes a release mechanism comprising a quick release buckle which is activatable by a user. The buckle fastens the safety belt around the user in a fastened position and may be activated by the user to release the user from the safety belt by decoupling first and second ends of the safety belt in an open position.


Patent #WO2012175940
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