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The iCardio unit is an extremely lightweight chest belt ECG heart monitor, which connects wirelessly to a smart phone to provide advanced heart and respiratory rate monitoring.

The smartphone app tracks activities such as sleep and exercise along with the performance and condition of the heart during these periods and trends over time. Its sensors and advanced software allow the detection of a wide range of “abnormal” heart fluctuations to be detected including Atrial Fibrillation (AF), arrhythmia, tachycardia, palpitation and shortness of breath amongst others. Users can choose to share their heart data, conditions and performance either with doctors, family members or their sports and fitness coach.

Whether it’s for fitness tracking and performance or for self-management and early detection of possible heart irregularities, the iCardio unit offers a high performance low cost portable ECG unit.


Device Type Single Lead ECG
Sampling Rate 250Hz
Storage Size 1Gbits/128MBytes
Dynamic Range ACDifference ±5mV, DCDeviation ±300 m
Power 3.6-3.8V Re-chargeable
Charging 5V External Power
Resistance >10MΩ @ 10Hz
Power Release <10 μA
Common Mode Rejection >140 dB
Frequency Response –3 dB @ 0.01-150 H
Data Transfer BLE 4.0
Device Length 71mm
Device Width 21mm
Device Depth 11mm
Device Weight 14g
Storage –40°C -70°C