Tourniquet device

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When using a tourniquet, restriction of the blood flow to the extremity should be controlled and be proportionate to the anatomical and/or physiological needs of the patient and any clinical requirements associated with the procedure being performed. It is known that problems can arise if the tourniquet is overtightened or if it is left on the extremity for an overly long time period. Work has been done by many to mitigate some of these problems, but none offer an entirely satisfactory solution.

Our research provides a tourniquet and a method for using the tourniquet. The tourniquet is designed to provide effective control of blood flow to the extremity, whilst ensuring that, should the tourniquet be too tight for the size of the extremity, or be in place for too long, the device would release.

 The tourniquet is arranged to perform this in a simple mechanical manner which provides a device that is easy to manufacture, and use.

 Additional work is ongoing with relation to this project, so there is potential for collaboration on further developments on this research.

 The tourniquet UCLan have developed is designed to provide optimal pressure to the extremity that it is affixed to in order to provide appropriate tourniquet effect, but without the issues associated with excess pressure being exerted upon the extremity, or the pressure being provided for an excess of time.

The tourniquet can be used in a clinical environment within medical facilities.

The tourniquet may be used in situations where a patient has been injured for treatment in situ prior to arrival at appropriate medical facilities.



Patent #WO2018020255
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National phase entered in Europe, USA, India and China
Status - Available for exploitation
Priority date - 29th July 2016